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Home Interiors
I believe the living space is the single most influential element of our lives. It is vital to feel comfortable and at ease in a pleasant home environment. If not, we may feel unhappy and lead unhappy lives. I do not claim to be able to change your life, merely to offer positive advice in order to make the most of what you have. Even minor changes in your home can improve family relationships.

I try to position the furniture in such a way as to allow energy to flow easily through the whole space according to the principles of Feng Shui. An important aspect to bear in mind is the function of the room in question. The living room, for example, should be a special place for meeting and spending time together. The bedroom should be designed with relaxation high up on the list of priorities, and the children’s room should provide a stimulus for creativity and happiness. The whole concept is affected by the materials and colours used.

Each of us has different requirements and our own particular habits, just as each of our situations are unique. For this reason I adopt an individual approach to my clients’ requirements. Every design is different and tailored to the individual’s needs.

I am constantly striving to design new solutions, to create comfortable, practical and modern living spaces. I often design furniture to measure, always using materials from reputable suppliers, if I believe it can facilitate better utilisation of the room.

I also offer personal consultation.

Kitchen and bathroom renovation
Alongside my other projects I also concentrate on smaller parts of the living area. I can help with the design of a new kitchen or bathroom. These are the areas most frequently used in our day to day life and it is therefore important to have them appropriately appointed and to make maximum use of the space available.

As an interior designer I have extensive experience in these areas and I can help avoid the mistakes that often arise and lead to wasteful usage of the space.

A detailed plan of the whole area is required. I prepare complete drawings for suppliers and tradesmen (carpenters, tilers, etc) to enable them to produce a result commensurate to your expectations.

Interiors of public spaces
Another part of my work includes designing interiors of offices, restaurants, shops and other public spaces. Because we spend a large part of the day in these environments it is also important to create a pleasant atmosphere here. By improving these areas we create a sense of well-being in work or at play.

Every painting (like everything around us) contains different energies. I produce my own paintings to blend harmoniously with each interior and each person. Having one at home can help improve relationships, to feel liberty, happiness and contentment with oneself or to overcome the anxiety inherent in so many situations. They can be made as a present for your close friends. I will always strive to create the painting in such a way as to bring happiness, harmony and light into their lives.

How we will work together
Upon our first meeting, I will show you a service portfolio from my studio. By seeing completed work, you will be able to verify the quality and the way projects proceed. I prepare an individual calculation and contract for every single one. Our initial meeting is usually held on the site of the project. The whole space is measured and photo-documented.

Several meetings and consultations follow. The number of meetings will depend on the size of the project. I recommend running consultations for optimal results.

If your time is precious, I have no problem consulting your project online. The whole architectural study includes a variety of drawings, including detailed plans for carpenters, electricians, tilers, etc. All plans are tailored to your specific needs.