Ing. arch. Simona Hubáčková

Welcome to my atelier web page!

I have been a specialist in interior design since 2007 and I concentrate on both the design of whole interiors of flats and houses and also smaller parts of the living area from kitchens and bathrooms right down to individual pieces of furniture.

My design work incorporates the principles of Feng Shui, a Chinese philosophy considered beneficial to personal well-being and personal and professional relationships. In addition to this I produce my own paintings to blend harmoniously with each interior.

I adopt an individual approach to design, recognising that everyone’s requirements are different. Your satisfaction is uppermost in my mind.

I believe interior design no longer to be an exclusive art, but on the contrary a worthwhile investment saving not only money, but also your precious time.

Looking forward to meeting you and wishing you beautiful new perspectives!
Ing.arch. Simona Hubáčková